Warrior Ridge is starting a new sponsorship program we’re calling “The Warrior 50”. For our upcoming team of veterans, we are launching this program to bring together a group of sponsors who are dedicated to supporting an individual team with a $300 donation each year to make that team’s retreat possible.

By joining “The Warrior 50,” donors will receive special recognition on our website and social media platforms, limited-edition t-shirts, a certificate of appreciation, a photo of the team, and updates on the progress of the team they are sponsoring.

With a $300 annual donation to support a team, sponsors can become part of that team’s “Warrior 50” and ensure that we at Warrior Ridge can support as many veteran teams as possible. This recurring donation will make it possible to not only provide the initial retreat but also continue to organize retreats each year to ensure those teams maintain their connection and support network.

Our Teams

Thanks for signing up to be one of the Warrior 50!