Our Warriors fight battles so we don’t have to

Upon return they may feel lost and out of step. They fought with a fierce purpose but find it most difficult to connect with the civilian lifestyle.

The Team Bond

Team members bond tightly in a brotherhood of purpose and passion unique to the military. They use the term brother in the truest sense of the word.

The combat experience is intense and lifechanging. Anxiety, depression, and PTSD are serious well verified results of military service, especially following combat deployment. The suicide rate among Veterans is extremely high.

In this respect, the incredibly strong bond among team members is of tremendous value. It is no ordinary relationship, nor is it easily understood by outsiders. But extreme experience and mutual reliance have formed unbreakable connections that matter in the deepest of ways.

Success as a Group

As group therapy has proven particularly successful with Veterans, it is only natural to view the team as a foundational unit for recovery and growth.

This team is a group that has already fused, their ironclad bonds forged by unitary thinking, the rigors of service, a common creed, and the hard realities of combat and war.

Veterans return to civilian life transformed by their experiences, and remain committed to the warrior ethos, bound by oath to serve their country, and honor, respect, and stand by their comrades.

There is no seamless return to the lives they left, no path of return to who they once were.

Impact the life of a Veteran today

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